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Released varieties:
Tuber Color:
End Use:
Vine Maturity:
Specific Gravity:
Overall Appearance Score:
Year Evaluated:

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Primary Harvest Data
Total Yield(cwt/a) Marketable Yield(cwt/a)
Percent Standard Standard
% 1s (cwt/a) % 2s(cwt/a)
% 3s(cwt/a) % 4s(cwt/a)
% 5s(cwt/a) Total External Defects
Specific Gravity (Hydrometer) Specific Gravity (air-water)
Shape Texture
Overall Appearance Rating Skin Color
Flesh Color

Internal Defects and Processing Data
Percent Greens Percent Misshapen
Percent Growth Cracks Percent Soft Rot
Percent Scab Percent Hollow Heart
Percent Brown Center Percent Vascular Discoloration
Percent Heat Necrosis Heat Necrosis Rating
Visual Chip Score from Field Agtron Chip Score from Field
Agtron Chip Score from 40 deg. Agtron Chip Score from 45 deg.
Agtron Chip Score from 50 deg.
After Cooking Darkening Sloughing

Other Data:
Plant Maturity
Number of Replications Parents
Days to Harvest Degree Days
Total Rainfall Expected Use
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