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Planting Date Harvest Date
Female Parent Male Parent
Tier Replication

In Season Ratings
Vine Maturity Plant Vigor
Date Vine Data Was Collected

Primary Harvest Data
Date Harvest Data Was Collected
Breeder Merit
Total Yield (kg) Specific Gravity
Marketable Yield(cwt/A) Total Yield(cwt/A)
Percent 1s Percent Bs
Flesh Color Tuber Shape
Overall Appearance Tuber Defects
Visual SFA Chip Score Colorimeter Chip Score
Stem End Browning OFT Defects
3 Month Chip Score 3 Month SEB
6 Month Visual Chip Score 6 Month Colorimeter Chip Score
6 Month SEB Chip Comments
3 Month Chip Comments 6 Month Chip Comments
Harvest Comments

Secondary Harvest Data
Tuber Disease Tuber Heat Sprouting
% Hollow Heart % Vascular Discoloration
% Internal Brown Spot (Internal Heat Necrosis)
% Brown Center Tuber Flesh Oxidation
After Cooking Darkening Total Glykoalkoids
Black Spot Bruise Fry Color
Early Blight Verticlium Wilt
Scab Type Scab Coverage Area
Scab Lesions
Additional Comments

Agronomic Data
Rainfall Irrigation
Soil Type Fertilizer Used
Herbicides Used Disease Control
Insecticides Used Colorimeter Info
Growing Degree Days Longitude
Latitude Elevation
Farm Name Farm Address
Seed Source/Breeding Program
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