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Dr. G. Craig Yencho

Picture of Dr. Yencho
Department of Horticulture
214 Kilgore Hall
Raleigh, NC 27695

Phone: 919.513.7417
Fax: 919.515.2505
Email: Craig_Yencho@ncsu.edu
Web: http://potatoes.ncsu.edu/Yencho.html

Ph.D. 1993, Cornell University

Dr. Yencho has research responsibilities (100%) in sweetpotato and potato breeding and genetics. Research emphasis is on developing disease and insect resistant table-stock, processing and specialty-type sweetpotatoes and potatoes adapted to North Carolina's growing conditions with improved root and tuber quality, respectively.

Research interests include plant breeding, plant resistance to insects and pathogens, use of wild and/or related plant germplasm as a source of commercially important traits, applications of genomics, molecular biology and plant biochemistry to plant breeding and the production of renewable, bio-based, value-added products in sweetpotato and potato, and international agricultural development.

Vernon G. James Research and Extension Center, NCSU Phone: (252) 793-4428. Fax: (252) 793-5142.
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