Eastern Potato Variety Development Projects

With support from the State Agricultural Experiment Stations and NIFA/USDA

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Welcome to the web portal of the Eastern Potato Variety Development Projects.

New potato varieties are needed in the East to serve a wide range of markets including fresh market, chipping, French fry processing, and seed industries. However, developing new high quality, pest resistant potato varieties adapted to broad geographic regions or specifically suited for new niche markets is no small task. In today's economic climate these efforts increasingly require a multi-disciplinary, regionalized approach to meet tomorrow's demands.

The Eastern Potato Variety Development team is composed of breeders, molecular biologists, cultural management specialists, plant pathologists, entomologists and extension specialists from over 8 states and 2 Canadian provinces. Our group's overall goal is to develop an array of attractive, high yielding, disease- and insect- resistant, table-stock, processing and/or specialty-type potato varieties that can be employed by potato producers in the eastern United States.

Our project is a highly collaborative project involving eight states and four potato breeding programs in the eastern U.S. The specific objectives of our project are to:

  1. Conduct breeding, germplasm enhancement, and selection studies to improve potato productivity and quality for important eastern U.S. markets
  2. Use improved potato germplasm to reduce the impact of economically important potato pests.
  3. Evaluate the yield, quality, and pest resistance of advanced potato breeding lines at multiple eastern locations
  4. Conduct commercial trials of advanced potato breeding lines to facilitate adoption of new varieties by potato growers.
  5. Provide relevant potato variety performance information to researchers, extension agents, potato growers, and allied industry members.


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