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Peer Reviewed Publications (last 5 years)
Cervantes-Flores J.C., G.C. Yencho, A. Kriegner, K.V. Pecota, M.A. Faulk, R.O.M. Mwanga and B. Sosinski. 2007.
XXXDevelopment of a genetic linkage map and identification of homologous linkage groups in sweetpotato using
XXXmultiple-dose AFLP markers. Mol. Breeding. (in press).
Yencho, G.C., P.H. McCord, K.G. Haynes, and S.B. Sterrett. 2007. Internal heat necrosis of potato – a review. Am.
XXXJ. Potato Research. (in press).
Contreras, R.N., T.G. Ranney, S.R. Milla-Lewis, and G.C. Yencho. 2007. Investigating parentage and hybridity of
XXXthree azaleodendrons using amplified fragment length polymorphism analysis. HortScience 42: 740-743.
Villavicencio, L.E., S,M. Blankenship, G.C. Yencho, J.F. Thomas, and C.D. Raper. 2007. Temperature effect of
XXXskin adhesion, cell wall enzyme activity, lignin content, anthocyanins, growth parameters, and periderm
XXXhistochemistry of sweetpotato. J. Am. Soc. Hort. Sci. 132: 729-738.
Teow, C.C., V.D. Truong, R.F. McFeeters, R.L. Thompson, K.V. Pecota, and G.C. Yencho. 2007. Antioxidant
XXXactivities, phenolic and b-carotene contents of sweet potato genotypes with varying flesh colours. Food
XXXChemistry. 829-838.
Sterrett, S.B, K.G. Haynes, G.C. Yencho, M.R. Henninger, and B.T. Vinyard. 2006. CART Analyses Reveal
XXXImportance of Tuber Mineral Status on Susceptibility to Internal Heat Necrosis. Crop Science 46: 1471-1478.
Villavicencio, L.E., S,M. Blankenship and G.C. Yencho. 2004. Skin adhesion and its lack of relationship to
XXXpolygalacturonase and pectinmethylesterase. Postharvest Biology and Technology. 32:183-192.
Bryan, A.D., Z. Pesic-VanEsbroeck, J.R. Schultheis, K.V. Pecota, W.H. Swallow and G.C.Yencho. 2003. Cultivar
XXXdecline in sweetpotato: I. impact of micropropagation on yield, storage root quality and virus incidence in
XXX‘Beauregard.’ J. Am. Soc. Hort. Sci. 128: 846-855.
Bryan, A.D., J.S. Schultheis, Z. Pesic-VanEsbroeck, and G.C. Yencho. 2003. Cultivar Decline in Sweetpotato: II.
XXXImpact of Virus Infection on Yield and Storage Root Quality in ‘Beauregard’ and ‘Hernandez’ J. Am. Soc.
XXXHort. Sci. 128: 856-863.
Sterrett, S.B., M.R. Henninger, G.C. Yencho, W.Lu, B. Vinyard, and K.G. Haynes. 2003. Stability of internal heat
XXXnecrosis and specific gravity in tetraploid x diploid potatoes. Crop Science. 43: 790-796.
Cervantes-Flores, J.C., E.L. Davis, and G.C. Yencho. 2002. Host reactions of sweetpotato genotypes to root-knot
XXXnematodes and variation in virulence of Meloidogyne incognita populations. Hortscience 37: 1112-1116.
Cervantes-Flores, J.C., E.L. Davis, and G.C. Yencho. 2002. Efficient evaluation of resistance to three root knot
XXXnematode species in selected sweetpotato cultivars. Hortscience 37: 390-392.
Mwanga, R.O.M., A. Kriegner, J. Cervantes-Flores, D. Zhang, J. Moyer, and G.C. Yencho. 2002. Resistance to
XXXsweetpotato chlorotic stunt virus and sweetpotato feathery mottle virus is mediated by two separate recessive
XXXgenes in sweetpotato. J. Am. Soc. Hort. Sci. 127: 798-806.
Mwanga, R.O.M., B. Odongo, G. Turyamureeba, A. Alajo, G.C. Yencho, R.W. Gibson, N.E.J.M. Smit, and E.E.
XXXCarey. 2002. Release of six sweetpotato cultivars (NASPOT 1 to NASPOT 6) in Uganda. Hortscience. 38:
Mwanga, R.O.M., G.C. Yencho, and J.W. Moyer. 2002. Diallel analysis of sweetpotatoes for resistance to
XXXsweetpotato virus disease. Euphytica 128: 237-248.
Mwanga, R.O.M., J. Moyer, D. Zhang, E.E. Carey, and G.C. Yencho. 2002. Nature of resistance of sweetpotato to
XXXsweetpotato virus diseases. Acta Horticulturae. 583: 113-119.
Sosinski, B., L. He, J.C. Cervantes-Flores, R. Pokryzwa, A. Bruckner, and G.C. Yencho. 2002. Sweetpotato
XXXgenomics at NC State University. Acta Horticulturae. 583: 51-60.
Yencho, G.C., K.V. Pecota, J.R. Schultheis, and B.R. Sosinski. 2002. Grower-participatory sweetpotato breeding
XXXefforts in North Carolina. Acta Horticulturae. 583: 69-76.
Haynes, K.G., G.A. Porter, B.J. Christ, R.W. Goth, K.O. DeLong, D.E. Halseth, J.B. Sieczka, M.R. Henninger, S.B.
XXXSterrett, G.C. Yencho, and R.E. Webb. 2001. Amey: A multipurpose, russet skinned potato cultivar for
XXXspecialty markets. American J. Potato Research 78:175-181.

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