Sweetpotato and Potato Breeding and Genetics Programs

collage of various activites and events in the potato breeding program

Welcome to the North Carolina State University Potato and Sweetpotato Breeding and Genetics Website. Both the Potato and Sweetpotato breeding efforts are best characterized as applied breeding programs. Our goal is to develop improved potato and sweetpotato varieties adapted for use in North Carolina and the Southeastern US. To achieve this goal, we utilize a combination of classical and modern breeding techniques. My research interests include: Plant Breeding; Plant Resistance to Insects and Pathogens; Application of Molecular Biology and Plant Biochemistry to Plant Breeding; Integrated Pest Management; and International Agriculture.

Below is a map of North Carolina showing the locations of NC's main potato and sweetpotato production counties. For more detailed information on either the Potato or Sweetpotato Breeding Programs and their objectives, or the Vernon G. James Research and Extension Center where the Potato Breeding Program is located, visit the links to the left. Also feel free to contact me via email at: Craig_Yencho@ncsu.edu.

map of potato and sweetpotato production regions in NC and link to the same map only larger for viewing clearity